"I first met Arian swilling pub beer around a table of fish bums in my home town of Bend, Oregon. The Keepemwet "movement" was still fairly young, but as we began to chat about the hashtag, the phrase and it's potential, Arian (a renowned photographer who's work I'd long admired) was buzzing with enthusiasm, ideas and suggestions. Great ideas and suggestions I might add. When I told him that one day I hoped to establish a stable of Keepemwet Ambassadors, Arian insisted that he wanted in. I'm now proud to have him on board as part of the ground floor team." 

-Bryan Huskey

Keepemwet Founder

Growing up in the foothills between Yosemite and Tahoe I’ve always been spoiled by the awesomeness of the outdoors. Fresh out of high school having no clue what I wanted to do I happened to take a photography class and found not only my passion, but a way to share the beauty of my surroundings with others. Back then, every river I photographed I always imagined how much cooler it would be if there was someone fishing it. Combining the two, I added a fly rod and a few fishing buddies to my arsenal and decided to move where there was a bit more water to cover. I’m still more of a photographer than a fisherman, since I prefer a killer image to a killer fish. But… I’m still pretty stoked with a killer fish. Website. INSTAGRAM