After fishing the Deschutes for 40 consecutive years, a couple buddies and myself did the three day, Trout Creek to Maupin float.

Fishing is a bit harder during this mid-June, no-hatch, after the salmonfly hatch time. There were quite a few caddis flitting about, doing their usual whirling thing above the bushes and trees, but there were not many fish keying on them. An occasional mayfly and occasional
crane fly were spotted, so we nymphed most of the time. There were more rafter/floaters than fishers.

A couple guide boats with pasty white anglers who could not wade over their knees (but the food is great, the scenery is great, the guides are great and a couple hot redsides probably made them happy). The river is a little lower than normal. Whitehorse has a lot of exposed rocks and the church groups were pin-balling off them like a carnival ride. While fishing a mile below, a life jacket and some Gatorade bottles floated by, so someone ate it!!

85 degrees everyday, great camp spots, fun banter, guitar pickin’ and those hot redsides (and whitefish).