Born and raised in rural New Zealand Nick has had a chronic fur, fins and feathers addiction since he was consciously aware. 

NZ provided ultimate freedom in chasing a dream of working and living in the kiwi outdoors. As an eighteen-year-old in pre internet times Nick took his first guiding trip and 28 years later comes up with a blank page when trying to think of any alternative career. 


Having been the temporary custodian of a number of the South Islands big brown trout, he has come to understand the benefit to all of the quick, gentle and wet mantra when it comes to these decade old fish. A thoughtful handling of these resident fish living in low numbers waters, hands a gift of hope and fulfilment to the next angler. 



New Zealand’s fishery is a fragile as they come and as his home waters have become a discovered destination Nick is involved with fisheries managers in trying and solidify future fisheries schemes in order to benefit the environment, the fish the people of the country and all other anglers of the globe that travel to experience these islands in the south pacific. Respecting the fish is one aspect of sustainable fisheries and keeping them wet is a key to successful and healthy release of New Zealands sports fish.