From tagging Giant Trevally on the scorching salt flats of Christmas Island to taking blood samples from Golden Dorado in the dense jungle of Argentina, Dr. Andy Danylchuk is on a personal crusade to understand and conserve fish across the planet. Equal parts scientist and fish bum, Andy is driven by an unrelenting desire to mitigate society’s impact on fish and their essential habitat.

As a professor of fish conservation at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Andy focuses his research on the development and implementation of best practices for handling and releasing fish. A strong advocate for experiential education, Andy uses video media as a mechanism for sharing information and empowering stakeholders to make better decisions when it comes to fish and what he likes to call 'responsible angling'.

With one foot firmly planted in the research world and the other in wading boots, Andy works to bridge the information gap between the fishing industry, conservation organizations, the scientific community, and anglers. This focus has enabled Andy to take on roles such as Patagonia Ambassador, research fellow for Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, board member for the Indifly Foundation, and Science and Policy Committee co-chair for the American Fly Fishing Trade Association.