German Daniel Göz was born and raised in France. He has a base in Frankfurt/Germany, but resides in both countries.

Daniel is an experienced and successful outdoor filmmaker, a seasoned cinematographer, director of photography, director, producer, editor, cameraman, multi award-winning for human-led as well as wildlife-led outdoor and documentary work producing small scale to large scale content.

He has worked in very remote locations and harsh conditions such as the strenuous climates of the Central American jungle to freezing climates of the North producing rare images in all these adverse conditions.

He is capable to produce iconic and stunning visuals through technically innovative approaches. His fortes are challenging underwater works be it oceanic or riverine, shooting and filming rare billfish species, incl. large free-swimming blue marlin and yellowfin tuna. His has further filmed the entire spawning act of Atlantic salmon and European lake trout underwater. His underwater photography spans well over a decade.
Some of his film works are the legendary flyfishing film "Tapâm" produced with Danish Jan Bach Kristensen, where both venture off the beaten path to catch giant tarpon from their float tubes. Other works include stills and film work on the Gaula River in Norway. Daniel was also involved in one of Animal Planet's most successful River Monster episode with presenter Jeremy Wade, in which Jeremy chases giant tarpon.

Beside his film and still work, Daniel holds an M.Sc. in geography/hydrology. He does camera based monitoring on rare trout species, using the trout's spots as bio markers to identify trout individually. His monitoring work is totally stress-free to the fish. 
Fun fact: Daniel is president of the fishery's guild in Frankfurt which was founded 945 ad. He takes care of all fish ecological aspects of the large Main River in Frankfurt.

Daniel is often amazed how anglers react to his images; many say they didn't know how beautiful fish look underwater. Daniel, being an angler, fish conservationist and environmentalist, is super proud to support the keepemwet movement with his knowledge and stunning visuals.