The Branding of Catch-and-Release

The rise of social media and smartphones has made the days of anglers telling tales and exaggerating the size of their catch all but obsolete.  While this might mean that anglers are now more honest people, what does it mean for fish intended for release? Does it matter what fish photos ‘look’ like? Is it time to reevaluate the traditional hero shot?  What role does the industry play? 

Please join us for a discussion at IFTD on Thursday, July 12 from 1:30 - 2:30

Join panel members Brian O’Keefe, Jako Lucas, Jennifer Lavigne, Mark Harbaugh, Dr. Aaron Adams, Capt. Tony DiGiulian, Dr. Jake Brownscombe, Sascha Clark Danylchuk, Dr. Andy Danylchuk, and Bryan Huskey as we discuss the branding of catch-and-release.

Feel free to pass this invitation along to others attending IFTD/ICAST who may be interested in joining the conversation.