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AFFTA Fisheries Fund Awards Grant to Keepemwet Fishing


Keepemwet Fishing is about releasing fish in the best condition possible.  We believe that recreational anglers are a key component of fish conservation, and that science-based approaches can help create healthier fisheries.  Our education campaign provides anglers with easy to use principles and tips that help create the best outcomes for fish that are caught-and-released.  

“The grants we have received from the AFFTA Fisheries Fund have allowed us to reach a greater audience through our education campaign on the best handling practices for catch-and-release.  We couldn’t have done it without the help of AFFTA.” Sascha Clark Danylchuk, Operations at Keepemwet Fishing.

We thank AFFTA and the Fisheries Fund for another year of support for our work!




Keepemwet Fishing Receives The AFFTA Fisheries Fund Grant

Keepemwet Fishing is an honored recipient of support from the American Fly Fishing Trade Association Fisheries Fund. Thank you AFFTA!

The AFFTA Fisheries Fund is pleased to announce the St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana Black Mangrove Planting Program and Keepemwet Fishing as our newest Fisheries Fund grantees.

Here’s a bit about the missions we’re supporting:

• St. Bernard Parish Government (SBPG) and Nicholls State University (NSU) forged an informal partnership last year to initiate a Black Mangrove Planting Program in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana.

The program is focused on increasing black mangrove (Avicennia germinans) habitat along the eastern outlying islands of the Biloxi Marsh Complex in St. Bernard Parish for the purpose of: (1) restoring/creating essential fish habitat; (2) increasing the overall health and resilience of the coastal ecosystem, including providing habitat for a number of threatened and endangered birds and (3) reducing risk to life and property.
• The mission of Keepemwet Fishing is to minimize the impact of catch & release (C&R) angling on fisheries by uniting conscientious anglers, organizations and companies to promote science based practices for handling fish that are released. The age of social media has made photographing nearly every fish standard practice, resulting in extended handling times and elevating impacts to C&R (catch & release) fisheries.

“Keepemwet C&R 2017” is an outreach program aspiring to educate angling communities with science based facts, empower individual anglers to make positive change, and unite a culture of conservation.