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Ambassador Profile: Dave McCoy

"An ardent advocate of conservation as a whole, Dave has never backed down from his strong conviction and devotion to fisheries and wild places. As a career photographer, angler and fly fishing business owner, Dave was one of the first people to take a firm stand early in the life of the Keepemwet movement. Since day 1 he has offered his support for the efforts of developing this website, relationships with others in the fly fishing industry and consistent media exposure with large audiences. Dave is the hard core of the Keepemwet hard core, his name and reputation bring world wide credibility to Keepemwet Fishing, and the fly fishing world is better off with his involvement."

-Bryan Huskey

Keepemwet Founder

At a young age, Dave’s father introduced him to fishing and sparked a lifelong passion to experience and enjoy life in the great outdoors.  Growing up in Eugene, Oregon, his stomping grounds were and remain legendary namesakes such as Crane Prairie and Hosmer Lakes as well as the Deschutes, McKenzie and Umpqua Rivers to name a few.  While Dave quickly discovered the thrill of having a fish on, it was the awe of his surroundings that instilled his deep passion for fishing and conservation.  Dave has dedicated his professional life to the fly fishing industry and has spent the last twenty-plus years relentlessly trying to surpass expectations as a guide, outfitter owner, conservationist, and fly fishing ambassador.  Dave is quick to note that he is nothing in his pursuits without his wife Natalie and daughter Nessa, who constantly remind him why he is so inspired without saying a word.  In addition to co-owning and operating Emerald Water Anglers, Dave is a Patagonia and Costa Ambassador, Winston, Airflo, Echo and Bauer pro staff member; IFFF Certified Casting Instructor; and widely published photographer. Website. INSTAGRAM