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Ambassador Profile: Jeff Hickman

"Dating back to some of my earliest introductions in the fly fishing industry, Jeff Hickman has held a lofty reputation as fisheries advocate and NW steelehead Jedi. Over time we established many mutual friends, so the first chance I had to introduce myself (the 2009 IFTD Show in Denver) I grabbed him to bend his ear a bit. Just as described, Jeff was as friendly and approachable as an old pal. Ever since then it seemed each time I happened to be on an Oregon steelehad river, there was Hickman. Always on the water, always friendly and happy to pull to shore and chat. Jeff's high profile reputation is well-earned and deserved. Take a scroll through his social media content and you'll be amazed at the incredible fish and places he knows so well. Although he's devoted to exclusively swinging flies, Jeff is a true ambassador of sport fishing and game fish of all kinds."

-Bryan Huskey

Keepemwet Founder

Jeff taught himself to fly fish and tie flies when he was 10. Growing up in a lodge on Mt Hood that he helped his mom manage, he saved up his housekeeping wages to buy his first Spey rod at 12. Hitchhiking to the river before and after school, he was doomed to a life of fishing addiction. The strong addiction lead to fly shop employment, guiding in Oregon and Alaska and even management at a bonefishing lodge in the Bahamas. Jeff started Fish The Swing in '11 to show his commitment to "swing only" and now owns and operates three well respected and sought after fishing/guiding programs in Oregon as well as Kimsquit Bay Lodge on the Dean River in British Columbia. Website. INSTAGRAM