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At Keepemwet Fishing we believe that communication and knowledge sharing between the fisheries science and recreational angling communities is a two way street.   For example, anglers can learn more about fisheries science, and scientist can learn about the issues that are important to anglers and this can help inform their research.  We need this type of dialogue and interaction to make sure that catch-and-release is effective.   Scientists communicate and share their work and ideas through the publication of peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals, and so, here is our first contribution on Keepemwet Fishing to science literature.

"There is a growing body of catch-and-release (C&R) science showing that adjusting the way fish are caught, handled, and released can reduce impacts on individuals and populations. However, a major caveat is that C&R will be a more effective conservation tool if best practice guidelines stemming from the science are understood, embraced, and adopted by recreational anglers. In recognition of this, Keepemwet Fishing (KWF) has emerged as a nonpartisan movement to provide simple, clear, and accurate C&R guidelines that transcend species and subcultures within the recreational angling community". Full report here.