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keepemwet team



Bryan Huskey is an outdoor enthusiast inspired by the diversity and vast open spaces of the Pacific Northwest. The stoic landscapes and rivers of this region provide the images Bryan shares through his work as a photographer and filmmaker. He is passionate about sharing his experiences and hopes to inspire others to recognize the priceless value of public lands and their resources. He has produced several award winning films along with advertising campaigns, published articles and images in a variety of outdoor publications and media.

Wet fish have always been a prominent feature of Bryan's photography. In 2010, he coined the phrase "keepemwet" as a way to inform other anglers/photographers about the benefits of keeping catch & release fish wet - both for survival of the fish and more interesting photographs.  With the rise of social media he began tagging his C & R fish images #keepemwet. What started as a small act of spreading awareness quickly became popular with anglers devoted to careful handling of C & R fish. Bryan now devotes his time to promoting this awareness here via Keepemwet Fishing.

In addition to fly fishing for trout, steelhead and rooster fish, he shares a tremendous love for backcountry archery elk hunting and up-tempo thrills of single track trails and dirt roads via motorcycles, mountain bikes, and running shoes. As an ambassador, he's proud to represent Scott Fly Rods, Fishpond USA, ARC Fishing and First Lite.

Sascha Clark Danylchuk - operations/instigator

As a worshiper of sandy toes and mountain air, Sascha has spent most of her life seeking water in one form or another. Her obsession has led her to a career centered around the natural world. As a fisheries scientists Sascha has focused most of her work on recreational angling, specifically the science of catch-and-release. She has also worked for a handful of non-profit organizations putting conservation into practice.
It is the intersection between her work as a scientist and her passion as an angler that led Sascha to Keepemwet Fishing. With a belief that recreational anglers have something to learn from fisheries scientists and that scientists need to make their work accessible to a wider audience, Sascha endeavors to develop a space in which everyone can communicate more directly and in a language that can be understood by all.
With her commitment to bridging science and angling communities via the exclusive new series Finsights, we welcome Sascha to the Keepemwet team in the new position as Science Liaison.


Photo credit: Brian Bennett


From tagging Giant Trevally on the scorching salt flats of Christmas Island to taking blood samples from Golden Dorado in the dense jungle of Argentina, Dr. Andy Danylchuk is on a personal crusade to understand and conserve fish across the planet. Equal parts scientist and fish bum, Andy is driven by an unrelenting desire to mitigate society’s impact on fish and their essential habitat.

As a professor of fish conservation at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Andy focuses his research on the development and implementation of best practices for handling and releasing fish. A strong advocate for experiential education, Andy uses video media as a mechanism for sharing information and empowering stakeholders to make better decisions when it comes to fish and what he likes to call 'responsible angling'.

With one foot firmly planted in the research world and the other in wading boots, Andy works to bridge the information gap between the fishing industry, conservation organizations, the scientific community, and anglers. This focus has enabled Andy to take on roles such as Patagonia Ambassador, research fellow for Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, board member for the Indifly Foundation, and Science and Policy Committee co-chair for the American Fly Fishing Trade Association.